Powerful, stimulating and life-changing seminars and workshops designed to facilitate growth and develop faith.


This workshop is a 12-hr. two session training that’s not only designed to teach basic money management principles such as budgeting, goal-setting, spending traps, increase savings, investing, optimizing income, but also the principles and application of God’s Word regarding money.

This workshop will involve some lively “get real” exercises and activities that will help you acknowledge the truth about your relationship with money. It will help you discover some underlying issues that promote attitudes and behavior about money that distorts one’s decision making process and perpetuates a life of financial bondage.


This is a 12-hr. two session workshop that provides an in-depth understanding of the use of credit and the severity of excessive debt. This workshop provides the tools needed to plan your way out of debt. Instructions are provided on how to perform debt analysis and how to devise a debt management plan. Participants will learn about debt collections, counseling, options, etc. They will also complete, submit and get approved their own debt management plan. In addition, each participant will receive a 30 min. counseling session at the conclusion of the workshop. Participants will learn how to become credit savvy and make credit work for them and not against them. They will gain an understanding of the credit industry, its traps and practices. Participants will learn about credit repair, approval, scoring, agencies, etc. Our goal is to help you improve your credit score and maintain it. Learning about your credit and how it affects many aspects of your life is the first step towards improving it and becoming financially solvent.


This workshop is a 12-hr. two session introduction geared toward presenting entrepreneurship as viable career option. We will empower individuals with the tools and resources needed to begin the process of developing a small business venture. Participants will gain an overview of the knowledge, skills and support needed to begin the process of business ownership. They will be introduced to the various types of businesses, explore viable businesses, learn how to start a business and marketing plan. Participants will learn how to develop marketing strategies and literature, promotion, pricing, advertising, etc.

Participants will learn the attributes of being a successful entrepreneur, the magnitude and responsibilities of “being your own boss”, and review some general guidelines to consider before seriously considering self-employment.


This is a 6-hr. one session workshop on how to get a Christian book published. Do you have an interest in writing? Is there a book inside of you? How can you know God has called you to write? This workshop is designed to help you explore the writer in you. Learn how to get organized, find your personal writing rhythm, choose your topic, select the right genre’ and know your readership. Participants will distinguish between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Learn how to handle writer’s block, research your topic, identify writer’s resources, maximize your publishing efforts and avoid pitfalls. Participants will learn from authors and publishers how to select a team of professionals from editors, proofreaders, designers, layout specialists, publishers, etc.


This is a 6-hr. one session workshop on financial investing. Participants will learn investing in laymen terms with hands on activities that will make learning fun and applicable. Participants will learn about the power of investment and its many options. Learn about mutual funds, bonds, treasury bills, retirement planning including IRA’S and 401(K), real estate investment, college investment, protection, principles of investing, projections, the bottom line, etc. Participants will gain an understanding of how to read and analyze the stock pages of the Wall Street Journal, develop a balanced portfolio, learn about the S&P 500 index and stock exchange markets.


This is a 3-hour one session workshop designed to help develop low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can bring with it a period of misery and confusion, which can cause one to subject themselves to abuse of all kinds. We will provide biblical insights to help individuals see themselves as God sees them. This workshop will provide an understanding of how valuable we are to God and therefore how that value should produce a healthy view of oneself.


This is a 6-hr. one session workshop designed to foster a biblical guide to understanding and raising adolescents. It is expected to help strengthen parent and child relationship. Parents will learn effective communication skills and explore various parenting styles. There will be several activities performed such as developing a parental action plan, questionnaires, assessment sheets, activity lists, etc. This workshop will provide support, tools and resources to help strengthen the family institution. Parents will learn how to effectively and objectively examine themselves as parents in order to identify and consider alternative approaches to parenting.


This 6-hr. one session workshop is designed to help educate and inspire individuals to comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health. Participants will demonstrate the ability to access valid information, products, and services to improve health. This workshop will help participants learn and embrace the process of change and growth in order to facilitate good and acceptable habits conducive to healthy living. Participants will also learn about healthy eating. Each participant will set goals and partner with someone who will hold them accountable to achieve their desired goals.


This is a 40 hour workshop stems from a career development platform that provides step by step instruction, coaching and development for women who are transitioning into the workplace and/or other work related opportunities such as internships, volunteerism or entrepreneurship.

We provide individuals with the chance to explore career possibilities, assess their skills, talents and work experiences and develop resumes. We also guide them through the interview process, teach them how to dress for success, discover their strengths and weakness and how to capitalize on both.

This is a hands-on and interactive workshop that increases confidence and positions individuals with skills to land the job of their choice.

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