This 21 hour program enables participants to gain understanding of the concept of money, including savings, spending and investment principles.  It is designed to help participants become wise and effective money managers.  It offers content on six different tracks each with its own agenda, lesson plan and related activities.  Participants will become empowered with the tools needed to help them understand money in a more practical way and develop wealth building strategies.  They will quickly grasp the notion that money used poorly can be a source of anxiety and lead to financial problems and money used wisely can be a tool to help them achieve their goals and dreams.  This course will position participants to make sound financial decisions in their personal lives and in their business.  


This program is designed to take the mystery out of business ownership. Students are encouraged to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option. As a 60-90 hour Summer Camp program, students gain an in-depth look at what it takes to run a business and recognize money-making opportunities. They gain hands on experience writing business and marketing plans, design business cards, develop skills in negotiation, sales, customer service, problem solving, networking, public speaking, etc. Students learn through group activities, case studies, games, competition, guest speakers, field trips, etc. They also participate in a business plan challenge to compete for venture capital by presenting their business to a panel of judges (business experts, local entrepreneurs, etc.). Additionally, students are afforded the opportunity to run their own business in a Trade Fair and generate earnings for themselves. The course offers a unique hands-on, real world approach to enable students to discover business opportunities now and throughout life as well as prepare them for future careers.


This 21 hour business plan writing program is a hands on course designed to create and present an effective business plan to secure funding and/or use as an assessment tool prior to starting a business. Participants will learn how to create a blueprint that is thoroughly researched and well-thought out that clarify their goals, focus their energy, give direction to their work and help gauge their progress. Participants will be guided on how to pull together all the information needed to write the plan including researching all aspects of their business, from leasing space to what they will charge for products or service, to dealing with competitors. They will learn about market research techniques, the marketing mix, channels of distribution, promotion and goals, etc. The business plan will reveal a cohesive picture of their business and the management team and organizational structure.


As a part of our training program, we provide one on one financial coaching to anyone who understands the need to become financially savvy and desires to transform their relationship to money and plan for a future free of financial bondage. We will work with clients to help them analyze their financial position, develop money management skills, repair credit, establish good credit and eliminate debt. We will make recommendations and provide solutions that enable clients to take control of their finances and exceed solvency. Clients will develop effective money management strategies to work through their financial challenges and debt management plan. In addition, clients will learn how to create a spending analysis, understand credit laws, create savings, investments, etc. Our one on one counseling sessions will equip clients with the tools to take control of their money and make their money work for them.

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