bookIn order to overcome financial bondage, believer’s in the Lord Jesus Christ must do more than just be a student in a financial literacy education class and learn to develop financial skills. Instead one must, dig beyond the surface to unveil underlying issues, realities and heart matters that prove to be inconsistent with the notion of being made well. If you really want to be made well, you must do so by changing a mindset or attitude that promotes behavior about money that distorts one’s decision making process, enslaves and brings one under subjection to worldly temptations, bad habits and fleshly desires. This book offers a spiritual and philosophical perspective rather than a financial only perspective to overcoming financial bondage.


“Many of us are in a “lay” position when it comes to our finances. We have been financially bankrupt, deprived and enslaved for so long that something that is so out of the will of God has become so acceptable and normal. Our financial posture is a lay one, because we continue our bad habits, we don’t commit to getting out of debt, we fail to accumulate substantial savings, we don’t invest money and we live on an earn-and-spend treadmill and, worst of all, we rob God. Therefore, we cannot conceive of one day experiencing financial freedom. This lay position keeps us settled and hopeless, and causes us to continue to do what we have been doing – and, of course, getting the same results. Furthermore, we fail to prepare for anything better because anything better would involve transformation on our part, causing us to take the road less traveled. The bottom line is that if we don’t think better, we won’t do better. The question is: Do You Want to Be Made Well?”

Book Endorsements:

Sister Greene has given us pearls of wisdom in dealing with many of the financial dilemmas that attempt to keep believers oppressed and depressed. The believer now has a salient tool in helping to balance spiritual priorities and financial responsibility. If you are comfortable with monetary mediocrity this book is not for you, but if you want to experience fiscal fitness then this book is a must have.
Pastor Shaun J. Lee Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY

Earlene Greene has touched a nerve. You’re about to be stirred, taught, shaken and blessed. In these pages, you will not only meet the truth, but you’ll experience its power to ignite action. You cannot read this book and remain the same.
Pastor Harriet Johnson Church of Deliverance, Brooklyn, NY

In a society where making excuses has become the norm, Earlene Greene challenges Christians to stand up and take responsibility for their financial health and well-being. She not only emphasizes God’s deep desire for each of us to experience abundance, but outlines the Biblically-based tools we need in order to follow His plan. The question she poses is, “Will you make the choice to be made well?” While we might be quick to say yes, it’s an answer that deserves deep thought and serious contemplation.
Amy Rauch Neilson Financial Writer, Editor, Columnist

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