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With over 18 years of business ownership experience, at the heart of her work is Christian ministry. Earlene has a passion to empower her community and communities around the country. She is driven to make relevant change that will positively impact the health and wealth of those she reaches through her radio show, book and other written materials, training classes, speaking engagements, freelance work, business consultations, community conferences/forum discussions and other community related activities.

Earlene is an accomplished business consultant, mentor, gifted teacher and certified training instructor who creates her own training curricula and educational programs. As such, she has contracted with numerous faith and community based organizations and small businesses to deliver expert business services and training programs to their clients. Earlene promotes physical fitness and economic revitalization by having created programs such as Get Fit 2 Live, Fit 4 Life Financial Literacy, YEP & AEP Entrepreneurship, credit counseling, personal and business development training classes to organizations like the Mary J. Blige’s Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Young Biz, Inc., Women Rising, Church Avenue Merchants Block Association (CAMBA), The Brooklyn Economic Development Corp., NYC Public Schools, Adult Day Care Centers, Fort Greene Senior Citizen Centers, just to name a few.

Earlene is a former Adjunct Professor at Medgar Evers College and the New Bethel Bible Institute where she taught an elective course in Financial Stewardship education. Her mission is to continue working in the interest and for the empowerment of her community to create new and innovative ways to promote economic revitalization, particularly through the church. Earlene is determined to help move individuals from the points of complacency to action to self-determination with a God-centered focus. She is blessed and loves being a blessing to others