To create a community empowerment movement that will foster the collaboration of faith and community-based organizations, thus providing solutions, resources and support to empower individuals with the tools to embrace change, realize growth and create vibrant and sustainable communities.

Client Testimonials
  • Sally N. MacNichol PHD

    Earlene Greene has a heart for the community. Through her dynamic radio show, she addresses critical issues of our times and is not afraid to shine the light on painful realities that need to be discussed like domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. She was instrumental in starting a Domestic Violence ministry in her faith community and has made sure that it has grown strong through workshops and conferences open to all. Earlene Greene is a force for good.

    Sally N. MacNichol PHD
    Ph.D., Co-Executive Director of CONNECT

  • Phil Andrews

    Earlene Greene’s commitment, passion, and interest for our community’s empowerment is making a tremendous difference in the lives of others through forums, workshops, special events, and communication channels such as radio.

    Phil Andrews
    President African American Chamber of Commerce

  • Tanya Williams

    Earlene Greene is a leading business innovator in the 21st century. She doesn’t just talk the talk, but she walks the walk! One of her diverse assets is her compassion for entrepreneurship. From the bottom to the top, Earlene can advise and mentor a startup on how to become successful, persistent and motivated in a very difficult environment. She is a woman that wears many hats, however, you’ll never see her sweat! As an advocate for unity in the community including peace and justice, Earlene’s radio show, “Wake Up Everybody” has given a voice to folks in the community who otherwise would not have had a voice to speak their minds on current topics that affect their lives.”

    Tanya Williams
    Life Coach and Law Enforcement Expert

  • Dr. Audrey Sealey

    Faith Walk Enterprises’ “In His Will” newsletter has provided a platform for me to speak out against violence and educate the community. It allowed me to share my experience as a trauma coordinator in a major level one urban trauma center. Earlene Greene is doing relevant and timely work that helps bridge the gap between community and church. She creates a great forum to inform the community that the church is still there for them.

    Dr. Audrey Sealey
    Ph.D., FNP, Retired, Kings County Hospital Trauma Coordinator Assistant Director, Currently, Adjunct Professor Long Island University and NYC Tech College

  • NYU Alumni

    Earlene Greene is the epitome of a community leader. When she sees and hears talent, she shares it with different communities to inspire them, to educate them and to lead them into what it takes to become a better community.

    Valon L Beasley PHD
    NYU Alumni, Adjunct Professor, NYC Principal’s Candidate, Owner of YNTS: You Need To Succeed Public Relations, a Certified MWBE

  • Elder Stacey Latimer

    With all that happens in community and the world today, it’s necessary to stay informed and connected. Earlene Greene’s radio show has become a valuable service to the health and well-being of our citizens as she keeps us informed, engaged, and connected to what’s important. Her passion, compassion, and commitment to provide this valuable service to community is one of the ways in which God meets us where we are. Thank you for your gift and sacrifice of love working wonders in our midst.

    Elder Stacey Latimer
    Love Alive International Sanctuary of Praise

  • Pastor Brenda Harris-Collins

    Earlene Greene is a gifted businesswoman, author, radio personality and woman of faith that has a heart for the community. She has a special talent for providing opportunities for faith- based and community-based organizations to work collaboratively. I had the pleasure of teaming up with Earlene on a Recovery Service focused on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C. Also appearing on her radio show “Wake Up Everybody” was awesome. I was particularly impressed by Earlene’s determination, her ability to organize, and how she creatively reaches individuals.

    Pastor Brenda Harris-Collins
    St. Rayfield Baptist Church